Valentine’s Day Outfit by annakatic featuring a red purse
Valentine’s Day Outfit by annakatic featuring a red purse

— I always love to travel to LA —

But this one is specially good…

— Late Night Company | Audrey & Tom —


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— Late Night Company | Audrey & Tom —


Tom could see that Audrey was fighting for dominance, and that was a huge turn on for him. Since the moment they’d bumped into each other, the teacher knew that this woman enjoyed taking control over situations, and he figured that if they ever ended up in bed together, she’d want to take over. But Tom was also the kind of man to take control over situations like this, maybe because he was a tease and teasing basically meant power and control. In that moment, though, he couldn’t care less about being dominated by her, and was without any doubts going to let her take control of his body for a while. He was aware that she’d probably tease him like crazy, but he’d decided that whatever she did to tease him, he’d do a thousand times worse and make her forget her own name.

The man couldn’t help but to groan before grinning against the woman’s skin and leaning his head back, commanded by her hand that had been gripping into his hair while he’d been working on her skin. When she started sucking, licking and kissing his skin, he could feel himself getting lost by her touch as his jeans started tightening and his heart beating faster. Heat and lust was taking over the room, and all thanks to this woman. Fuck. He groaned once softly, trying not to give away too much just yet, but letting her know that what she was doing was pleasing him. Then, as the woman’s legs tightened around his waist, Tom cleared his throat, swallowing hard before deciding that it was time to take things to another level and trade places with her once again.

After he started walking towards the couch with his arms still around her, his lips met hers once again, but this time, the kisses they shared were somehow softer and tender. He was still obviously frustrated with the amount of clothes on the woman’s body and wasn’t happy with the amount of her he’d touched yet, but he knew that they’d have all night to explore each other’s bodies and feel more of each other in the many ways they wanted to. As soon as they got the couch, the man let the brunette fall above it and licked his lips in promise as he then observed her body for a few seconds before laying above her. Now there was no turn back.

He was laying above her and it was his time to tease, his time to drive her crazy, his time to explore her marvelous body and do whatever he wanted with it. The brunette probably wasn’t happy with the amount of time she’d been in control, but maybe he’d let her take over again a bit later if she did exactly everything he wanted to. “You’re so beautiful,” The man managed to say between a couple of heavy breaths and a smile before taking his lips to her neck again and nibbling her skin as his hand made its way inside her shirt. ”But your shirt is bothering me.” He tried to catch his breath as he spoke, his words coming out as more of an order than a statement as his lips quickly got back to her skin.

Between all those things going on, something Audrey was enjoying much, besides of course the sweetly delicious taste of his skin, was how he’d moan to her, to what she was doing to him. It was a total turn on to get a man like Tom in such surrender to her that he’d groan, for her. It was something curious to her, to feel that powerful. She often got to be in charge but seemed to have a whole different level there, like everything with Tom, apparently. And it was for sure something the woman liked.

When he brought her to the couch she took advantage of the road to find his ear with her lips and nibble the soft earlobe, sucking on it gently, right before their lips found each other again. She felt the change on the mood, how it got gentle and tender, although it still had the same intensity of when it all started. She liked the differences, how they could get softer and still deeply connected. The thing when they finally reached the furniture was that, without letting her notice, Tom had turned tables again, getting in charge. That frustrated her, when she held herself on her elbow and glanced over him with a smirk, yet mad look, and noticed how he was possessively topping her. It all faded away though when she saw his eyes full of lust over her and their mouth finally met again.

But once more he was working on her neck and she let her weight fall completely on the couch, letting her arms free to work on better things, like taking off his shirt. The ways he was breathing over her neck and and nibbling her skin was making her thoughts and actions cloudy. She was able to hear what he said and let out a grin though, while her fingers tapped his back pulling his shirt up. “And you’re so damn handsome.” Audrey mumbled, biting her own lips once she was able to pull the shirt off the pants, making it easier when she managed to open the damn buttons.

A gasp escaped when he found the skin inside her shirt. Audrey hadn’t realized how warm his hands were until the finally got to caress the skin that was always hiding. A chuckle escaped again when he spoke, although it took her a few seconds to understand them. The way he was moving and working, her thoughts had been far too nebulous and it was becoming hard to think. It was simply acts that he had been doing, indeed not gentle which made her like even more, but her skin, in almost every inch of it, was full of weak spots that would make her shiver and tremble completely. Apparently Tom had found that out.

The mention of her shirt being a bug made her think though, she wanted to get free of it already. But it was part of her game to always be a tease and as much hard as he was making on her, Audrey put all her forces together to keep up with it and tease it all back. Her mouth searched for his ear again, biting the jawline on the way and nibbling the area when she finally got there. Whispering, with a very hoarse and sexy voice, the brunette said, “If it’s bothering you, take it off yourself.” She liked the skin of his neck right under the ear and sucked on the place, blowing out a heavy breath on it right after. Even with all her evilness, she tried to make easy on him, pulling half of the beige blouse up, leaving the pleasure to take it off completely to him.

— Late Night Company | Audrey & Tom —


As the kiss deepened and seconds passed, Tom could feel himself needing more of Audrey, needing to explore more, touch every little thing there was to touch and kiss every little part and trait of her body. Soon his hands were traveling lower, fingers running from her bottom to her backs a few times as he took a few steps back, still pressuring her body against his so she’d follow his moves. He thought it was appropriate to bring her inside, because if none of them pulled back, things were about to get extremely wild. He started playing with his thumb softly over her cheek as his tongue finally slid inside her mouth, exploring it again, almost like it was the first time.

The first time. The first time they’d kissed had definitely been close to this, but not as wild, and not as passionate. He remembered feeling his stomach tighten when he finally tasted her lips, and of being somehow afraid to explore more, because he was so overwhelmed by her touch. And yet, there, in his house, he wasn’t really scared of moving forward, of touching her, smelling her, feeling her. Of course that he had his fears and he was still frustrated, because he hadn’t touched or felt enough yet, but this time it was different. He wanted her, and things were happening, although he still somehow thought he was dreaming.

The man quickly started getting frustrated with the amount of clothes in their way, as well as the distance between their bodies, which was little at this point but still seemed too much for him. In order to bring the brunette even closer, the man cupped her bottom with his large hand, pulling her slightly up before using his other hand to help her wrap her legs around his waist, in order for him to be holding her with his own body and hands. With one hand supporting her bottom and the other on her backs pressing her upper body against his, the man then took a step back in order for them to be able to close the door. But Tom was unable to think about closing doors in that moment, or about anything, because the heat and desire was too much, almost driving him crazy. So after taking his hand from her backs and sliding it to her neck, the man started caressing it, as at the same time, he sucked her lower lip into his mouth.

That was when he found himself pressing her backs against the door harshly as he groaned, the door quickly closing before he could do anything else. Taking the opportunity, the man pressed one last kiss across the woman’s lips before he started working his way down her jawline, kissing and nibbling her skin as he breathed heavily against it. Tipping her head back so he could kiss the center of her neck, he then slid his teeth down the column of muscle near it.

Unable to think about anything for a few moments, Audrey followed his steps inside while Tom was pulling her inside the house. Although the fiercely of their kisses, she wanted more, like some insatiable lion that had just got its prey. But the way he was exploring and touching everything seemed as the papers were exchanged. She was the hunt not the hunter. And he was getting his way perfectly with her, teasing and driving crazy. Audrey was not used to be the hunt, she was a controller and she liked to be in control. And that started causing a huge frustration on the woman.

In an attempt to take over him and turn the table, the brunette smashed his lips more heavily, letting her tongue wrap around his in a desperate need of showing who commanded there. But it seemed not to be working well, so she just started to move her hands to his chest, finding the buttons of his shirt. In her opinion he was wearing far too many clothes. It was when he picked her up then. Her legs almost like instantly wrapped around his waist, also with his help. And she used it to bring their bodies close, holding on his shirt that she still battled to open.

When her back hit the door, making it close as she noticed by the noise,  moan escaped her lips. By both the pain and sexiness mixed on that act. Audrey moved one of her hands to his nape, caressing the area on the back of his neck with her wine red nails and moving it up to her his hair. She pulled his locks with no mercy, scratching his scalp. Even with the harsh British winter, Audrey could feel the room getting warm due to the heat their bodies had been sharing there, so intense and crazy. She groaned again with the caresses he gave her, on the weak spots close to the neck. Again she was being surrendered to him which frustrated her even more.

Audrey thought about protesting when his lips left hers there, alone and swollen, moving to her jaw. But then the nibbling and kissing felt so damn nice on her sensitive skin. Even his breath on her flesh was maddening, giving her shiver all over her body. It was like everywhere he touched would light up a fire on her skin.

Fighting against the control and power he was taking over her, Audrey leaned her head, once tilted back so he could have all the space on her neck, back to him. Her teeth found his chin at first and moved down on rough bites, pulling and squeezing the skin of his neck between her teeth. With one hand she managed to open two buttons of the shirt and with the other she tilted his head back, pulling by the hair. Her mouth then covered what could be seen of his chest with deep and wild sucks, combined with bites and licking. A groan escaped her lips at some point again, while her fingers ran up and down his hair and her legs tightened around his waist — making their bodies ever more close, not that had any more spaces between them, but making her feel every inch of him pressed against her.

— You know when someone is making you want climb the walls? —

What even am I saying. I’m getting nuts I guess.

— Late Night Company | Audrey & Tom —


As he walked in endless and undefined circles around his living room, Tom was beginning to get somehow impatient. His hands were inside his pockets, and the only noises in the room were his heavy breaths, sighs and footsteps, which he’d take without fighting, almost like he couldn’t control his own body. If he tried to stop himself from walking, he’d only sit on the couch for a second, because in the next, he’d already be wandering around the room again, so he’d already given up on that either way. She was only a few minutes late, and yet, he could feel himself getting more nervous by the second. The main reason why he was all fussy was because they’d agreed to stop resisting each other, and he had absolutely no idea what that would mean for them. If he stopped resisting her, just for a mere second, he knew he’d find himself pressing his lips against hers or doing something even wilder, which he had absolutely no idea how to even describe out loud, because it sounded way too kinky.

When the bell rang, he didn’t hesitate on walking towards the door, but as soon as he placed his hand on the handle, he stopped moving. The needed just a few moments to simply breathe and wonder what he was going to do next. Fuck. He could open that door and greet the woman with a kiss on the cheek, have some nice dinner and that would be it. Or he could really stop resisting her and kiss her deeply and passionately for a start, like they’d done on the restaurant, but this time, they had even more privacy and nothing could hold them back. But doubts were taking over him, and driving him crazy. Maybe she’s not that up for it. Maybe she just wants to tease, like she’s been doing all along, because that’s how the plays.

Between his thoughts, he reminded himself that the woman was waiting on the other side of the door. That was the only thing separating them in that moment, and he need to change that for the sanity of both. After taking one final breath, the man finally opened the door, finding Audrey in front of him, looking remarkable, as always. There were a few seconds of hesitation, which he used to simply observe her from her head to toes, as a small grin played across his lips. She looked classy yet sexy, and that look definitely suited her beautifully. She had a few bags on her hands, he noticed, and a marvelous scent coming from it hit his nose before he could do anything else. “Hi,” That was all the man managed to say after clearing his throat, feeling his eyes turning into lust but trying not to decide things without thinking well about them because one move could ruin anything at this point.

But that was when he knew that he couldn’t hold it back anymore. If he was going to stop resisting her, then he was going to do it fully. After focusing his gaze on her lips, the man took a step inwards, moving slowly yet determined as his smile faded quickly. As soon as he knew, he was taking both of his hands to her cheekbones and pressing his lips harshly against hers, not caring about the things she had on her hands or her previous moves. “Hi.” He mumbled once again as their lips parted for only one second, grinning and breathing heavily against hers before kissing her again, this time, taking one of his hands from her face and sliding it to her backs in order to pull her closer. He then slid it slightly down as he started moving his lips and teasing hers with his tongue, the kiss becoming wilder, as wild as it had never been.

Audrey found out strange that he didn’t text her back and the time that took for Tom to pick the door, maybe he had gave up with her delay and left to eat something out. That’d be a problem because now she had put all her hopes up to that stop resisting to each other thing. The brunette bit her lips as her eyes quickly searched the floor and then back the door and it was when he opened it. Almost instantly a smile played on her lips, which she bit right after. There were a few seconds of hesitation and silence, when she noticed him glancing her up and down. She felt like she needed to be more teasingly dressed, especially for what they apparently had planned. But Audrey knew that would not be of any difference if the clothes were all threw on the floor.

When he spoke, a simple ‘hi’, the brunette let a chuckle escape letting her teeth search for her lips again, biting them harder. “Hi…” She could bet that for him the thing was just as confusing as it was to her. They didn’t said to each other ‘let’s have sex’, they were soft, speaking between lines. And although it felt like a nice game, it could left them unsure of what steps to take, like now. Audrey had no idea what she should do, she knew what she wanted to do but not how.

It was when it all started happening. Audrey did not see him move until noticing how the smile he had disappeared from his lips. And damn his eyes had become so intense and determinate. She thought herself it was far too charming when he just let himself drown on his feels and she’d see that deep blue get darker with the intensity of his gaze. It made her knees feel like jelly. And then, they were kissing and every bone of her body melted.

How he grabbed her, holding by the cheeks, kissing her lips roughly, it only made her thoughts get all lost. Unconscious, Audrey stepped forward him bringing their bodies closer. For a few moments she tried to hold the bags on her hands tightly, but at some point her fingers seemed to just be getting far too lose. With the second hi, she laughed, not opening her eyes in the second their lips parted. He barely gave her time to reply back, it being just enough for a smirk form on her lips while she tried herself to search for his mouth again. She felt the breath on top of her mouth and then let herself be taken to another long and deep kiss.

It was when the bags fell from her hands, but she didn’t care. Instead she used her arms for a better purpose, wrapping them around his neck to pull him more to her, deepening the kiss. She smirked between their lips while she felt his hand moving on her back and down, never stopping him. The heels gave her enough height to make her lips massage his, teasing and playing, her tongue invading his mouth, searching for his to start a sexy battle, as he also worked on her lips. Damn that felt nice and Audrey could only crave for more, kissing him unstoppable, biting his tongue and sometimes the delicious lips that she pulled with her teeth just to go and kiss him once more, deeper and more brutal than before. 

— Late Night Company | Audrey & Tom —

The Vogue main office was almost empty. Besides some workers there was only Audrey and the editor chief, Ms Shulman. It was around eight pm and things had just started to slow down. Audrey was impatient, typing and writing things down all the time, besides, of course, walking around to hurry the last minute things people had been postponing all day. Usually the brunette would indeed get unquiet to go home, but today she wasn’t going home, that was the point of all her anxiety. In the start of the day she had exchanged texts with Tom and at some point the two decided that was appropriate to meet that night. Stop resisting, that  had been what the two scheduled. And a dinner. Audrey knew for sure what that would lead. Knowing how the two interacted to each other, teasing and playing all the time — even through texts, stop resisting would surely lead them to the man’s bed.

She had offered to cook him dinner, since he took her to such an amazing date the last time. But by the time her boss let her out of the office, Audrey was already late to their meeting. Luckily the journalist was a smart lady and a few minutes before leaving she called one of the best restaurants in town, which she knew the chef, and ordered plates for them. Leaving the magazine, Audrey stopped by quickly at the place, picking up their meal and taking this time to send Tom a message. I’m late, I know. Sorry. My boss got me stuck, I’m on my way now though.

Audrey hated being late. The brunette believed that it was important to keep the posture and the good image, and arriving in time to her meets was certainly a part of all the etiquette her grandma always reinforced to her. After picking the meal and buying a fine wine, she drove to his place, with the address the man had previously texted her.

It was the fist time she was visiting his place, on the first day he picked her up and Audrey ended up inviting him in, which not often happened with the man she went out with. But it was nice that now he had invited her to go there so they could share each other’s company. And stop resisting. That whole idea was giving Audrey a shiver on the spine, every time she thought of it. Luckily she had left Gucci with extra food and put some nice underwear that day — in fact she had curiously dressed with some really sexy one. But it wasn’t time to think of it, yet. And it was not only the underwear, course. Audrey was always well dressed for work. The tight black wine jeans, the beige loose shirt, a nice white Marchesa jacket and a jewelry all over. It was pretty chic, but bothered her how it wasn’t something more seductively.

Getting in the building, she headed right away to the elevator, where she checked her make-up. On his floor, her ankle-boots echoing on the marble floor that lead to his door. Even outside the place, she could tell he lived very nicely. The building was a fine environmental and seemed quite wealthy for a teacher. Letting that apart, because it in fact didn’t matter much to her if he had money or not — she was a woman that took care of herself and had her own money so those things never mattered, fine taste was something that counted much more to her, and that she knew Tom had. Finally she held the bags one hand and rang the bell with the other, waiting for him to pick up.

— Along with destiny → Tom & Audrey. —


With his eyes closed, the man stood there, with one of his hands gripped into the woman’s waist, the other resting softly above her cheek and his lips pressed against hers, experiencing the magic of their first kiss. It was indeed a good feeling, and it felt somehow different; to start off, he’d never been afraid to kiss someone. Then, he’d never felt such a huge desire just for a kiss, and he’d definitely never felt his stomach kicking him like it was in that moment. But still, he needed more. Just having his lips pressed against hers wasn’t enough, not after all of the teasing and frustration she’d made him feel.

As soon as Tom felt Audrey’s tongue running through his lip, he understood that it was some kind of invitation for his tongue and at the same time, a request for hers. He opened his mouth slightly, just the enough to let her tongue in, then noticed how she’d done the same with hers. His tongue quickly made it’s way inside the woman’s mouth and started exploring it, as his hand slid from her waist to her backs, using it to press her body against his, in order for them to be even closer to each other than they were before. And although there was barely any space between the two at this point, he needed to feel more, to have more, to discover more, so he wasn’t letting go of her backs soon.

The kiss was somehow turning into something deeper at this point, with their heads turning and lips moving fast, exploring each other more than ever. The hand that had been resting on her cheek was now softly pushing some pieces of her hair back, in order to keep it from falling across her face, as his other hand still remained on her backs, making her upper body extremely close to his. The truth was that he couldn’t really explain how it was finally kissing Audrey, other than addictive. Yes, that was probably the best way to describe her lips and the way she kissed, so softly and yet, so passionately, that made him always want more.

As the kiss started getting into something incredibly intense, Tom decided to pull back, otherwise he wouldn’t control himself in the middle of the restaurant, and, although there wasn’t anybody present, losing himself like that wasn’t exactly what he needed in that moment. So as soon as their lips parted and he pressed his forehead against hers, his eyes opened slowly, and he greeted the woman in front of him with a small grin, as he tried to catch his breath, which he’d lost since the moment their lips had touched. He didn’t quite know how to go from here. His body was telling him to kiss her again and don’t let go soon, but his heart was telling him to say something.

After clearing his throat, the man tucked the pieces of hair he’d been pushing back behind the woman’s ear, still somehow not believing that they’d just kissed, but focusing on trying to catch his breath, which he knew he wouldn’t be able to, at least not until their bodies stopped being that close. His then hand got back to her cheek and he caressed it gently with his thumb again, but this time, as he grinned. “That was amazing.” He managed to say, parting their foreheads so he could truly face her, and observe her reaction to all of this.

Audrey felt the moment when his lips opened for her, stimulated by her tease and then his tongue invaded her mouth, exploring it and making her knees become jelly. It was when he brought her closer and she let herself move to him even more. Her tongue searched for his and when it was found, she made them tangle and move together in an unstoppable dance. It seemed like a war too, passionate and intense. And damn Audrey didn’t know how much she had been losing when before the two avoided kissing. Tom truly knew about kissing and the moment only made her wonder what other marvelous things his lips were able to do.

The woman didn’t like when her thoughts took such a kinky and dirty road like that, not when it was out of nothing. But it was hard to keep them when Tom was giving her such an amazing kiss and holding her so closely. The woman could barely move, yet she managed to tangle both arms around his neck, standing  slightly on tiptoes when the kiss became heavier and deeper. She ran the fingers of her right hand through his hair, letting a low and soft groan escape between her lips, during the kiss, when the man had her all over his control.

As the kiss moved faster, wilder, Audrey let herself slowly drown to his arms. Her face would move in synchrony with his, the lips upon another making the pressing and movement feel like a intense and delicious massage, that she also did on his hair, playing to soft pull his short locks, caressing the scalp. She was addicted to his mouth, those delicious lips, but at some point, as much as Audrey simply wanted to kiss him all night long, the air started to be needed. She guessed him too, because the kiss got a slower peace until complete stop. They stood there together, glued to each other. Her breath was so insanely desperate that it took her a few moments to even open her eyes.

When she finally did it, was his grin that she found. And damn, how she liked the view. Audrey couldn’t help when a smile grew on her lips. His kisses would reach the top 10 on her list, that was for sure. The man was not only good at it, he also somehow had the weird power to make her knees weak, and she liked.

Audrey bit on her swollen lips while the man adjusted her hair. Unsure of what to do next, she just smiled, waiting he’d say anything. The brunette observed everything he did and the smile posted on her lips only grew bigger at seeing him caress her cheek and finally speak — and speak exactly what she wanted to hear. With the foreheads being parted next, her view of him got better and she chuckled seeing traces of her red lipstick on his lips. Her hands moved off his hair, and she lowered back from the tiptoes, standing on her feet, while her thumb gently took care of cleaning off the red stains. “It was.” She agreed finally, smirking. “It was remarkable.” Audrey grinned, making use of his own words.